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(1.00) (Gen 31:43)

tn Heb “children.”

(0.85) (Pro 17:6)

tn Heb “children of children [sons of sons].”

(0.85) (Neh 5:5)

tn Heb “like their children, our children.”

(0.80) (Jer 5:7)

tn Heb “your children.”

(0.70) (1Pe 3:6)

tn Grk “whose children you become.”

(0.70) (Jer 4:22)

tn Heb “They are senseless children.”

(0.70) (Isa 30:1)

tn Heb “Woe [to] rebellious children.”

(0.60) (Amo 4:2)

tn Or “your children”; cf. KJV “your posterity.”

(0.57) (Mic 2:9)

tn Heb “her little children” or “her infants”; ASV, NRSV “young children.”

(0.57) (Jer 13:14)

tn Or “children along with their parents”; Heb “fathers and children together.”

(0.52) (Hos 1:2)

tn Heb “and children of harlotries.” However, TEV takes the phrase to mean the children will behave like their mother: “your children will be just like her.”

(0.50) (Rev 12:17)

tn Grk “her seed” (an idiom for offspring, children, or descendants).

(0.50) (1Ti 3:4)

tn Grk “having children in submission with all dignity.” The last phrase, “keep his children in control without losing his dignity,” may refer to the children rather than the parent: “having children who are obedient and respectful.”

(0.50) (Mar 12:19)

tn Grk “raise up seed” (an idiom for fathering children).

(0.50) (Hos 2:4)

tn Heb “sons of adulteries”; cf. KJV “children of whoredoms.”

(0.50) (Deu 29:29)

tn Heb “sons” (so NASB); KJV, ASV, NIV, NRSV “children.”

(0.50) (Gen 50:23)

tn Heb “saw Ephraim, the children of the third.”

(0.43) (Tit 1:6)

tn Or “believing children.” The phrase could be translated “believing children,” but the parallel with 1 Tim 3:4 (“keeping his children in control”) argues for the sense given in the translation.

(0.42) (Rom 9:8)

tn Because it forms the counterpoint to “the children of promise” the expression “children of the flesh” has been retained in the translation.

(0.40) (Heb 11:12)

tn Grk “these”; in the translation the referent (children) has been specified for clarity.

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