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(1.00)Gen 49:31

There they buried Abraham and his wife Sarah; there they buried Isaac and his wife Rebekah; and there I buried Leah.

(0.92)Jdg 10:5

Jair died and was buried in Kamon.

(0.92)Jdg 12:10

then he died and was buried in Bethlehem.

(0.69)Jdg 12:12

Then Elon the Zebulunite died and was buried in Aijalon in the land of Zebulun.

(0.69)1Ki 2:10

Then David passed away and was buried in the city of David.

(0.69)1Ki 22:37

So the king died and was taken to Samaria, where they buried him.

(0.69)1Co 15:4

and that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day according to the scriptures,

(0.68)1Ki 13:31

After he buried him, he said to his sons, “When I die, bury me in the tomb where the prophet is buried; put my bones right beside his bones,

(0.60)Gen 50:14

After he buried his father, Joseph returned to Egypt, along with his brothers and all who had accompanied him to bury his father.

(0.58)Gen 25:10

This was the field Abraham had purchased from the sons of Heth. There Abraham was buried with his wife Sarah.

(0.58)Gen 35:19

So Rachel died and was buried on the way to Ephrath (that is, Bethlehem).

(0.58)Gen 50:6

So Pharaoh said, “Go and bury your father, just as he made you swear to do.”

(0.58)Num 11:34

So the name of that place was called Kibroth Hattaavah, because there they buried the people that craved different food.

(0.58)Jdg 10:2

He led Israel for twenty-three years, then died and was buried in Shamir.

(0.58)Jdg 12:7

Jephthah led Israel for six years; then he died and was buried in his city in Gilead.

(0.58)Jdg 12:15

Then Abdon son of Hillel the Pirathonite died and was buried in Pirathon in the land of Ephraim, in the hill country of the Amalekites.

(0.58)1Sa 31:13

They took the bones and buried them under the tamarisk tree at Jabesh; then they fasted for seven days.

(0.58)1Ki 16:6

Baasha passed away and was buried in Tirzah. His son Elah replaced him as king.

(0.58)1Ki 16:28

Omri passed away and was buried in Samaria. His son Ahab replaced him as king.

(0.58)2Ki 9:28

His servants took his body back to Jerusalem and buried him in his tomb with his ancestors in the city of David.