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(1.00)(Jer 4:18)

tn <i>Hebi> “How bitter!”

(1.00)(Psa 64:3)

tn <i>Hebi> “a bitter word.”

(1.00)(1Sa 22:2)

tn <i>Hebi> “bitter of soul.”

(0.87)(Pro 14:10)

tn <i>Hebi> “bitterness of its soul.”

(0.87)(Rut 1:20)

sn The name <i>Marai> meansbitter.”

(0.76)(Isa 38:17)

tn <i>Hebi> “Look, for peace bitterness was to me bitter”; NABthus is my bitterness transformed into peace.”

(0.71)(Eze 27:31)

tn <i>Hebi> “and they will weep concerning you with bitterness of soul, (with) bitter mourning.”

(0.71)(Rut 1:20)

tn Orcaused me to be very bitter”; NABhas made it very bitter for me.”

(0.63)(Isa 38:15)

tn <i>Hebi> “because of the bitterness of my soul.”

(0.63)(Job 21:25)

tn The text literally hasand this [man] dies in soul of bitterness.” Some simply reverse it and translatein the bitterness of soul.” The genitivebitternessmay be an attribute adjective, “with a bitter soul.”

(0.63)(2Ki 4:27)

tn <i>Hebi> “her soul [i.e., ‘disposition’] is bitter.”

(0.50)(Rev 8:11)

tn That is, terribly bitter (see the note onWormwoodearlier in this verse).

(0.50)(Rev 8:11)

tn <i>Grki> “and many of the men died from these waters because they were bitter.”

(0.50)(Mic 1:12)

sn The place name <i>Marothi> sounds like the Hebrew word forbitter.”

(0.50)(Lam 3:15)

tn <i>Hebi> “wormwoodorbitterness” (BDB 542 s.v. <span class="hebrew">לַעֲנָהspan>; <i>HALOTi> 533 s.v. <span class="hebrew">לַעֲנָהspan>).

(0.50)(Lam 1:4)

tn <i>Hebi> “and she is bitter to herself,” that is, “sick inside” (<data ref="Bible:2Ki 4:27">2 Kgs 4:27data>)

(0.50)(Isa 38:3)

tn <i>Hebi> “wept with great weeping”; NCVcried loudly”; TEVbegan to cry bitterly.”

(0.50)(1Sa 30:6)

tn <i>Hebi> “for bitter was the soul of all the people, each one.”

(0.50)(Gen 27:34)

tn <i>Hebi> “and he yelled [with] a great and bitter yell to excess.”

(0.50)(Gen 26:35)

tn <i>Hebi> “And they were [a source of] bitterness in spirit to Isaac and to Rebekah.”