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(1.00)(1Th 1:5)

tn Orbecause.”

(1.00)(Act 10:45)

tn Orbecause.”

(1.00)(Psa 16:7)

tn Orbecause.”

(1.00)(Gen 32:30)

tn Orbecause.”

(0.80)(1Pe 3:14)

tn <i>Grki> “because of righteousness.”

(0.80)(Joh 15:21)

tn Orbecause of.”

(0.80)(Joh 10:33)

tn <i>Grki> “and because.”

(0.80)(Joh 10:4)

tn <i>Grki> “because they know.”

(0.80)(Luk 1:14)

tn Orbecause of.”

(0.80)(Mic 1:5)

tn <i>Hebi> “and because of.”

(0.80)(Jdg 12:4)

tn <i>Hebi> “because they said.”

(0.80)(Jdg 2:20)

tn <i>Hebi> “Because this nation.”

(0.80)(Gen 20:11)

tn <i>Hebi> “Because I said.”

(0.80)(Gen 18:28)

tn <i>Hebi> “because of five.”

(0.71)(Jer 4:26)

tn <i>Hebi> “because of the <span class="smcaps">Lordspan>, because of his blazing anger.”

(0.70)(Heb 5:12)

tn <i>Grki> “because of the time.”

(0.70)(Gal 2:11)

tn <i>Grki> “because he stood condemned.”

(0.70)(Joh 17:9)

tn Orbecause they are yours.”

(0.70)(Joh 14:11)

tn <i>Grki> “because of the works.”

(0.70)(Joh 8:45)

tn Orbecause I tell you.”