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(1.00)Psa 119:41

ו (Vav) May I experience your loyal love, O Lord, and your deliverance, as you promised.

(0.71)Lam 3:16

ו (Vav) He ground my teeth in gravel; he trampled me in the dust.

(0.57)Lam 1:6

ו (Vav) All of Daughter Zion’s splendor has departed. Her leaders became like deer; they found no pasture, so they were too exhausted to escape from the hunter.

(0.57)Lam 4:6

ו (Vav) The punishment of my people exceeded that of of Sodom, which was overthrown in a moment with no one to help her.

(0.42)Lam 2:6

ו (Vav) He destroyed his temple as if it were a vineyard; he destroyed his appointed meeting place. The Lord has made those in Zion forget both the festivals and the Sabbaths. In his fierce anger he has spurned both king and priest.