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(1.00) (Act 28:13)

sn Rhegium was a city on the southern tip of Italy. It was 80 mi (130 km) from Syracuse.

(0.57) (Act 28:13)

sn Puteoli was a city on the western coast of Italy south of Rome. It was in the Bay of Naples some 220 mi (350 km) to the north of Rhegium. Here the voyage ended; the rest of the journey was by land.

(0.43) (Act 28:13)

tc A few early mss (א* B Ψ [gig] sa [bo]) read περιελόντες (perielontes, “[From there we] cast off [and arrived at Rhegium]”; cf. Acts 27:40). The other major variant, περιελθόντες (perielthontes, “[we] sailed from place to place”), is found in P74 א2 A 066 1739 M lat sy. Although περιελόντες is minimally attested, it is found in the better witnesses. As well, it is a more difficult reading, for its meaning as a nautical term is uncertain, requiring something like “τὰς ἀγκύρας be supplied = ‘we weighed anchor’” (BDAG 799 s.v. περιαιρέω 1). It thus best explains the rise of the other readings.

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