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(1.00) (Gen 47:10)

tn Heb “from before Pharaoh.”

(0.88) (Exo 14:3)

tn Heb “and Pharaoh will say.”

(0.88) (Gen 50:4)

tn Heb “the house of Pharaoh.”

(0.75) (Exo 9:8)

tn Heb “before the eyes of Pharaoh.”

(0.75) (Exo 7:4)

tn Heb “and Pharaoh will not listen.”

(0.75) (Exo 5:6)

tn Heb “and Pharaoh commanded on that day.”

(0.75) (Gen 50:4)

tn Heb “in the ears of Pharaoh.”

(0.75) (Gen 46:31)

tn Heb “tell Pharaoh and say to him.”

(0.75) (Gen 45:21)

tn Heb “according to the mouth of Pharaoh.”

(0.75) (Gen 42:15)

tn Heb “[By] the life of Pharaoh.”

(0.75) (Gen 41:35)

tn Heb “under the hand of Pharaoh.”

(0.75) (Gen 41:25)

tn Heb “the dream of Pharaoh is one.”

(0.71) (Exo 1:10)

sn Pharaoh’s speech invites evaluation. How wise did his plans prove to be?

(0.71) (Gen 41:33)

tn Heb “let Pharaoh look.” The jussive form expresses Joseph’s advice to Pharaoh.

(0.62) (Eze 17:7)

sn The phrase another great eagle refers to Pharaoh Hophra.

(0.62) (1Sa 6:6)

tn Heb “like Egypt and Pharaoh hardened their heart.”

(0.56) (Gen 47:19)

sn Pharaoh’s slaves. The idea of slavery is not attractive to the modern mind, but in the ancient world it was the primary way of dealing with the poor and destitute. If the people became slaves of Pharaoh, it was Pharaoh’s responsibility to feed them and care for them. It was the best way for them to survive the famine.

(0.54) (Jer 43:9)

sn All the commentaries point out that this was not Pharaoh’s (main) palace but a governor’s residence or other government building that Pharaoh occupied when he was in Tahpanhes.

(0.54) (Exo 4:23)

tn The Piel infinitive serves as the direct object of the verb, answering the question of what Pharaoh would refuse to do. The command and refusal to obey are the grounds for the announcement of death for Pharaoh’s son.

(0.53) (2Ti 3:8)

sn Jannes and Jambres were the traditional names of two of Pharaoh’s magicians who opposed Moses at the time of the Exodus.

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