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sn Little reliable information is available concerning the identity of the person to whom 3 John is addressed. Because the name <i>Gaiusi> was very common in the Roman Empire, it is highly unlikely that the person named here is to be identified with any of the others of the same name associated with Paul (<data ref="Bible:1Co 1:14">1 Cor 1:14data>, <data ref="Bible:Ro 16:23">Rom 16:23data> [these two references are probably to the same person]; <data ref="Bible:Ac 19:29">Acts 19:29data>, <data ref="Bible:Ac 20:4">Acts 20:4data>). A 4th century tradition recorded in the <i>Apostolic Constitutionsi> 7.46.9 (ca. <span class="smcaps">a.d.span> 370) states that John the Apostle ordained Gaius as bishop of Pergamum, but this is questionable because of the relatively late date. The only certain information about this individual must be obtained from 3 John itself, and there is not a great deal there. It is obvious that this person is well known to the author, but it is not so certain whether they had met personally or not because the report of Gaiusconduct toward the brothers is received secondhand by the author (v. <data ref="Bible:3Jn 3">3data>). Nor can it be determined with certainty whether Gaius belonged to the same local church as Diotrephes (v. <data ref="Bible:3Jn 9">9data>), or was himself the leader of another local congregation. It is clear that the author regarded him as orthodox (v. <data ref="Bible:3Jn 3">3data>) and a valuable ally in the controversy with the secessionist opponents and their false Christology discussed at length in 1 John.