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(1.00)Mar 8:24

Regaining his sight he said, “I see people, but they look like trees walking.”

(0.97)Act 3:4

Peter looked directly at him (as did John) and said, “Look at us!”

(0.97)Pro 7:6

For at the window of my house through my window lattice I looked out

(0.97)Lam 3:50

until the Lord looks down from heaven and sees what has happened.

(0.97)Mar 5:32

But he looked around to see who had done it.

(0.94)Psa 102:19

For he will look down from his sanctuary above; from heaven the Lord will look toward earth,

(0.92)Psa 34:5

Those who look to him for help are happy; their faces are not ashamed.

(0.90)Act 11:25

Then Barnabas departed for Tarsus to look for Saul,

(0.87)Pro 4:25

Let your eyes look directly in front of you and let your gaze look straight before you.

(0.87)Joh 1:36

Gazing at Jesus as he walked by, he said, “Look, the Lamb of God!”

(0.87)Job 6:19

The caravans of Tema looked intently for these streams; the traveling merchants of Sheba hoped for them.

(0.87)Psa 33:13

The Lord watches from heaven; he sees all people.

(0.87)Psa 85:11

Faithfulness grows from the ground, and deliverance looks down from the sky.

(0.87)Psa 104:32

He looks down on the earth and it shakes; he touches the mountains and they start to smolder.

(0.87)Jer 4:24

I looked at the mountains and saw that they were shaking. All the hills were swaying back and forth!

(0.87)Jer 31:26

Then they will say, ‘Under these conditions I can enjoy sweet sleep when I wake up and look around.’”

(0.87)Eze 8:7

He brought me to the entrance of the court, and as I watched, I noticed a hole in the wall.

(0.87)Joh 19:37

And again another scripture says, “They will look on the one whom they have pierced.”

(0.87)Rev 15:5

After these things I looked, and the temple (the tent of the testimony) was opened in heaven,

(0.85)1Ki 18:43

He told his servant, “Go on up and look in the direction of the sea.” So he went on up, looked, and reported, “There is nothing.” Seven times Elijah sent him to look.