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(1.00)(1Ch 8:29)

tc Some LXX <span class="smcaps">mssspan> supply the nameJeiel,” which is not in the MT (cf. <data ref="Bible:1Ch 9:35">1 Chr 9:35data>). The addition of the name here is followed by many English versions (e.g., ASV, NAB, NASB, NIV, NRSV, NLT).

(0.57)(1Sa 14:51)

tn <data ref="Bible:1Ch 9:35-36">1 Chr 9:35-36data> indicates that Jeiel (= Abiel?) had two sons (among others) named Ner and Kish (see also <data ref="Bible:1Sa 9:1">1 Sam 9:1data> and <data ref="Bible:1Ch 8:30">1 Chr 8:30data>, where some Greek manuscripts include the name Ner, though it is absent in the Hebrew text). If this Kish was the father of Saul and Ner was the father of Abner, then Saul and Abner were cousins. However, according to <data ref="Bible:1Ch 8:33">1 Chr 8:33data> and <data ref="Bible:1Ch 9:39">9:39data>, Ner, not Abiel, was the father of Kish. In this case, Kish and Abner were brothers and Abner was Sauls uncle. The simplest solution to the problem is to see two men named Kish in the genealogy: Abiel (Jeiel) was the father of Ner and Kish I. Ner was the father of Abner and Kish II. Kish II was the father of Saul. The Kish mentioned in <data ref="Bible:1Sa 9:1">1 Sam 9:1data> was the father of Saul (v. <data ref="Bible:1Sa 9:2">2data>) and must be identified as Kish II. In this case the genealogy isgapped,” with Ner being omitted. Abiel was the grandfather of Kish II.