Psalms 36:6

36:6 Your justice is like the highest mountains,

your fairness like the deepest sea;

you preserve mankind and the animal kingdom.

Psalms 77:19

77:19 You walked through the sea;

you passed through the surging waters,

but left no footprints.

tn Heb “mountains of God.” The divine name אֵל (’el, “God”) is here used in an idiomatic manner to indicate the superlative.

tn Or “deliver.”

sn God’s justice/fairness is firm and reliable like the highest mountains and as abundant as the water in the deepest sea. The psalmist uses a legal metaphor to describe God’s preservation of his creation. Like a just judge who vindicates the innocent, God protects his creation from destructive forces.

tn Heb “in the sea [was] your way.”

tn Heb “and your paths [were] in the mighty waters.”

tn Heb “and your footprints were not known.”