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Genesis 45:16-28


45:16 Now it was reported 1  in the household of Pharaoh, “Joseph’s brothers have arrived.” It pleased 2  Pharaoh and his servants. 45:17 Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Say to your brothers, ‘Do this: Load your animals and go 3  to the land of Canaan! 45:18 Get your father and your households and come to me! Then I will give you 4  the best land in Egypt and you will eat 5  the best 6  of the land.’ 45:19 You are also commanded to say, 7  ‘Do this: Take for yourselves wagons from the land of Egypt for your little ones and for your wives. Bring your father and come. 45:20 Don’t worry 8  about your belongings, for the best of all the land of Egypt will be yours.’”

45:21 So the sons of Israel did as he said. 9  Joseph gave them wagons as Pharaoh had instructed, 10  and he gave them provisions for the journey. 45:22 He gave sets of clothes to each one of them, 11  but to Benjamin he gave three hundred pieces of silver and five sets of clothes. 12  45:23 To his father he sent the following: 13  ten donkeys loaded with the best products of Egypt and ten female donkeys loaded with grain, food, and provisions for his father’s journey. 45:24 Then he sent his brothers on their way and they left. He said to them, “As you travel don’t be overcome with fear.” 14 

45:25 So they went up from Egypt and came to their father Jacob in the land of Canaan. 15  45:26 They told him, “Joseph is still alive and he is ruler over all the land of Egypt!” Jacob was stunned, 16  for he did not believe them. 45:27 But when they related to him everything Joseph had said to them, 17  and when he saw the wagons that Joseph had sent to transport him, their father Jacob’s spirit revived. 45:28 Then Israel said, “Enough! My son Joseph is still alive! I will go and see him before I die.”

1 tn Heb “and the sound was heard.”

2 tn Heb “was good in the eyes of.”

3 tn Heb “and go! Enter!”

4 tn After the imperatives in vv. 17-18a, the cohortative with vav indicates result.

5 tn After the cohortative the imperative with vav states the ultimate goal.

6 tn Heb “fat.”

7 tn The words “to say” have been supplied in the translation for stylistic reasons.

8 tn Heb “let not your eye regard.”

9 tn Heb “and the sons of Israel did so.”

10 tn Heb “according to the mouth of Pharaoh.”

11 tn Heb “to all of them he gave, to each one, changes of outer garments.”

12 tn Heb “changes of outer garments.”

13 tn Heb “according to this.”

14 tn Heb “do not be stirred up in the way.” The verb means “stir up.” Some understand the Hebrew verb רָגָז (ragaz, “to stir up”) as a reference to quarreling (see Prov 29:9, where it has this connotation), but in Exod 15:14 and other passages it means “to fear.” This might refer to a fear of robbers, but more likely it is an assuring word that they need not be fearful about returning to Egypt. They might have thought that once Jacob was in Egypt, Joseph would take his revenge on them.

15 tn Heb “and they entered the land of Canaan to their father.”

16 tn Heb “and his heart was numb.” Jacob was stunned by the unbelievable news and was unable to respond.

17 tn Heb “and they spoke to him all the words of Joseph which he had spoke to them.”

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