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Psalms 92:9


92:9 Indeed, 1  look at your enemies, O Lord!

Indeed, 2  look at how your enemies perish!

All the evildoers are scattered!

Psalms 92:11


92:11 I gloat in triumph over those who tried to ambush me; 3 

I hear the defeated cries of the evil foes who attacked me. 4 

1 tn Or “for.”

2 tn Or “for.”

3 tn Heb “my eye gazes upon those who watch me [with evil intent].” See also Pss 5:8; 27:11; 56:2. The form שׁוּרָי (shuray) should be emended to שׁוֹרְרָי (shorÿray).

4 tn Heb “those who rise up against me, evil [foes], my ears hear.”

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