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Psalms 81:8


81:8 I said, 1  ‘Listen, my people!

I will warn 2  you!

O Israel, if only you would obey me! 3 

Psalms 81:13


81:13 If only my people would obey me! 4 

If only Israel would keep my commands! 5 

1 tn The words “I said” are supplied in the translation for clarification. Verses 8-10 appear to recall what the Lord commanded the generation of Israelites that experienced the events described in v. 7. Note the statement in v. 11, “my people did not listen to me.”

2 tn Or perhaps “command.”

3 tn The Hebrew particle אִם (“if”) and following prefixed verbal form here express a wish (GKC 321 §109.b). Note that the apodosis (the “then” clause of the conditional sentence) is suppressed.

4 tn Heb “if only my people were listening to me.” The Hebrew particle לוּ (lu, “if not”) introduces a purely hypothetical or contrary to fact condition (see 2 Sam 18:12).

5 tn Heb “[and if only] Israel would walk in my ways.”

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