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Psalms 76:1-3

Psalm 76 1 

For the music director; to be accompanied by stringed instruments; a psalm of Asaph, a song.

76:1 God has revealed himself in Judah; 2 

in Israel his reputation 3  is great.

76:2 He lives in Salem; 4 

he dwells in Zion. 5 

76:3 There he shattered the arrows, 6 

the shield, the sword, and the rest of the weapons of war. 7  (Selah)

1 sn Psalm 76. The psalmist depicts God as a mighty warrior who destroys Israel’s enemies.

2 tn Or “God is known in Judah.”

3 tn Heb “name,” which here stands metonymically for God’s reputation.

4 sn Salem is a shorter name for Jerusalem (see Gen 14:18).

5 tn Heb “and his place of refuge is in Salem, and his lair in Zion.” God may be likened here to a lion (see v. 4).

6 tn Heb “flames of the bow,” i.e., arrows.

7 tn Heb “shield and sword and battle.” “Battle” probably here stands by metonymy for the weapons of war in general.

sn This verse may allude to the miraculous defeat of the Assyrians in 701 b.c. (see Isa 36-37).

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