Psalms 75:6-7

75:6 For victory does not come from the east or west,

or from the wilderness.

75:7 For God is the judge!

He brings one down and exalts another.

tn Heb “for not from the east or from the west, and not from the wilderness of the mountains.” If one follows this reading the sentence is elliptical. One must supply “does help come,” or some comparable statement. However, it is possible to take הָרִים (harim) as a Hiphil infinitive from רוּם (rum), the same verb used in vv. 4-5 of “lifting up” a horn. In this case one may translate the form as “victory.” In this case the point is that victory does not come from alliances with other nations.

tn Or “judges.”

tn The imperfects here emphasize the generalizing nature of the statement.