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Psalms 65:6


65:6 You created the mountains by your power, 1 

and demonstrated your strength. 2 

Psalms 93:1

Psalm 93 3 

93:1 The Lord reigns!

He is robed in majesty,

the Lord is robed,

he wears strength around his waist. 4 

Indeed, the world is established, it cannot be moved.

1 tn Heb “[the] one who establishes [the] mountains by his power.”

2 tn Heb “one [who] is girded with strength”; or “one [who] girds himself with strength.”

3 sn Psalm 93. The psalmist affirms that the Lord is the king of the universe who preserves order and suppresses the destructive forces in the world.

4 sn Strength is compared here to a belt that one wears for support. The Lord’s power undergirds his rule.

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