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Psalms 42:9


42:9 I will pray 1  to God, my high ridge: 2 

“Why do you ignore 3  me?

Why must I walk around mourning 4 

because my enemies oppress me?”

Psalms 42:11


42:11 Why are you depressed, 5  O my soul? 6 

Why are you upset? 7 

Wait for God!

For I will again give thanks

to my God for his saving intervention. 8 

1 tn The cohortative form indicates the psalmist’s resolve.

2 tn This metaphor pictures God as a rocky, relatively inaccessible summit, where one would be able to find protection from enemies. See 1 Sam 23:25, 28; Pss 18:2; 31:3.

3 tn Or “forget.”

4 sn Walk around mourning. See Ps 38:6 for a similar idea.

5 tn Heb “Why do you bow down?”

6 sn For poetic effect the psalmist addresses his soul, or inner self.

7 tn Heb “and why are you in turmoil upon me?”

8 tc Heb “for again I will give him thanks, the saving acts of my face and my God.” The last line should be emended to read יְשׁוּעֹת פְנֵי אֱלֹהָי (yÿshuot fÿneyelohay, “[for] the saving acts of the face of my God”), that is, the saving acts associated with God’s presence/intervention. This refrain is almost identical to the one in v. 5. See also Ps 43:5.

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