Psalms 36:11-12

36:11 Do not let arrogant men overtake me,

or let evil men make me homeless!

36:12 I can see the evildoers! They have fallen!

They have been knocked down and are unable to get up!

tn Heb “let not a foot of pride come to me, and let not the hand of the evil ones cause me to wander as a fugitive.”

tn Heb “there the workers of wickedness have fallen.” The adverb שָׁם (sham, “there”) is used here for dramatic effect, as the psalmist envisions the evildoers lying fallen at a spot that is vivid in his imagination (BDB 1027 s.v.).

tn The psalmist uses perfect verbal forms in v. 12 to describe the demise of the wicked as if it has already taken place.