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Psalms 1:5


1:5 For this reason 1  the wicked cannot withstand 2  judgment, 3 

nor can sinners join the assembly of the godly. 4 

Psalms 106:17-18


106:17 The earth opened up and swallowed Dathan;

it engulfed 5  the group led by Abiram. 6 

106:18 Fire burned their group;

the flames scorched the wicked. 7 

1 tn Or “Therefore.”

2 tn Heb “arise in,” but the verb is used metonymically here in the sense of “stand”; “endure,” as in 1 Sam 13:14 and Job 8:15. The negated Hebrew imperfect verbal form is here taken as indicating incapability or lack of potential, though one could understand the verb form as indicating what is typical (“do not withstand”) or what will happen (“will not withstand”).

3 tn Heb “the judgment.” The article indicates a judgment that is definite in the mind of the speaker. In the immediate context this probably does not refer to the “final judgment” described in later biblical revelation, but to a temporal/historical judgment which the author anticipates. Periodically during the OT period, God would come in judgment, removing the wicked from the scene, while preserving a godly remnant (see Gen 6-9; Ps 37; Hab 3).

4 tn Heb “and sinners in the assembly (or “circle”) of [the] godly.” The negative particle and verb from the preceding line are assumed by ellipsis here (“will not arise/stand”).

sn The assembly of the godly is insulated from divine judgment (Ps 37:12-17, 28-29).

5 tn Or “covered.”

6 tn Or “the assembly of Abiram.”

7 sn Verses 16-18 describe the events of Num 16:1-40.

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