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Psalms 18:17


18:17 He rescued me from my strong enemy, 1 

from those who hate me,

for they were too strong for me.

Psalms 32:6


32:6 For this reason every one of your faithful followers 2  should pray to you

while there is a window of opportunity. 3 

Certainly 4  when the surging water 5  rises,

it will not reach them. 6 

Psalms 77:20


77:20 You led your people like a flock of sheep,

by the hand of Moses and Aaron.

Psalms 93:4


93:4 Above the sound of the surging water, 7 

and the mighty waves of the sea,

the Lord sits enthroned in majesty. 8 

Psalms 144:7


144:7 Reach down 9  from above!

Grab me and rescue me from the surging water, 10 

from the power of foreigners, 11 

1 tn The singular refers either to personified death or collectively to the psalmist’s enemies. The following line, which refers to “those [plural] who hate me,” favors the latter.

2 tn A “faithful follower” (חָסִיד, khasid) is one who does what is right in God’s eyes and remains faithful to God (see Pss 4:3; 12:1; 18:25; 31:23; 37:28; 86:2; 97:10).

3 tn Heb “at a time of finding.” This may mean, “while there is time to ‘find’ [the Lord]” and seek his forgiveness (cf. NIV). Some emend the text by combining מְצֹא (mÿtso’, “finding”) with the following term רַק (raq, “only, surely”) and read either ר[וֹ]מָצ (matsor, “distress”; see Ps 31:22) or ק[וֹ]מָצ (matsoq, “hardship”; see Ps 119:143). In this case, one may translate “in a time of distress/hardship” (cf. NEB, NRSV).

4 tn The Hebrew term רַק (raq) occasionally has an asseverative force.

5 sn The surging water is here a metaphor for trouble that endangers one’s life.

6 tn Heb “him.” The translation uses the plural “them” to agree with the plural “every one of your faithful followers” in the first line of v. 6.

7 tn Heb “mighty waters.”

sn The surging waters here symbolizes the hostile enemies of God who seek to destroy the order he has established in the world (see Pss 18:17; 29:3; 32:6; 77:20; 144:7; Isa 17:13; Jer 51:55; Ezek 26:19; Hab 3:15). But the Lord is depicted as elevated above and sovereign over these raging waters.

8 tn Heb “mighty on high [is] the Lord.”

9 tn Heb “stretch out your hands.”

10 tn Heb “mighty waters.” The waters of the sea symbolize the psalmist’s powerful foreign enemies, as well as the realm of death they represent (see the next line and Ps 18:16-17).

11 tn Heb “from the hand of the sons of foreignness.”

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