Psalms 119:14

119:14 I rejoice in the lifestyle prescribed by your rules

as if they were riches of all kinds.

Psalms 119:47

119:47 I will find delight in your commands,

which I love.

Psalms 119:103

119:103 Your words are sweeter

in my mouth than honey!

Psalms 119:174

119:174 I long for your deliverance, O Lord;

I find delight in your law.

tn Heb “in the way of your rules.”

tn Heb “as upon,” meaning “as if” (see 2 Chr 32:19).

tn Heb “all wealth.” The phrase refers to all kinds of wealth and riches. See Prov 1:13; 6:31; 24:4; Ezek 27:12, 18.

tn Heb “How smooth they are to my palate, your word, more than honey to my mouth.” A few medieval Hebrew mss, as well as several other ancient witnesses, read the plural “your words,” which can then be understood as the subject of the plural verb “they are smooth.”