Psalms 112:5-9

112:5 It goes well for the one who generously lends money,

and conducts his business honestly.

112:6 For he will never be upended;

others will always remember one who is just.

112:7 He does not fear bad news.

He is confident; he trusts in the Lord.

112:8 His resolve is firm; he will not succumb to fear

before he looks in triumph on his enemies.

112:9 He generously gives to the needy;

his integrity endures.

He will be vindicated and honored.

tn Heb “man.”

tn Heb “he sustains his matters with justice.”

tn Heb “for an eternal memorial a just [one] will be.”

tn Heb “his heart,” viewed here as the seat of the volition and emotions (see Ps 108:1).

tn The passive participle בָּטֻחַ [בָּטוּחַ] (batuakh [batuakh]) expresses a state that results from the subject’s action. See Isa 26:3.

tn Heb “his heart,” viewed here as the seat of the volition.

tn Heb “he scatters, he gives.”

tn Heb “stands forever.”

tn Heb “his horn will be lifted up in honor.” The horn of an ox underlies the metaphor (see Deut 33:17; 1 Kgs 22:11; Ps 92:10). The horn of the wild ox is frequently a metaphor for military strength; the idiom “exalt/lift up the horn” signifies military victory (see 1 Sam 2:10; Pss 89:17, 24; 92:10; Lam 2:17).