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Psalms 109:12-13


109:12 May no one show him kindness! 1 

May no one have compassion 2  on his fatherless children!

109:13 May his descendants 3  be cut off! 4 

May the memory of them be wiped out by the time the next generation arrives! 5 

Psalms 109:15


109:15 May the Lord be constantly aware of them, 6 

and cut off the memory of his children 7  from the earth!

Psalms 109:19


109:19 May a curse attach itself to him, like a garment one puts on, 8 

or a belt 9  one wears continually!

1 tn Heb “may there not be for him one who extends loyal love.”

2 tn Perhaps this refers to being generous (see Ps 37:21).

3 tn Or “offspring.”

4 sn On the expression cut off see Ps 37:28.

5 tn Heb “in another generation may their name be wiped out.”

6 tn Heb “may they [that is, the sins mentioned in v. 14] be before the Lord continually.”

7 tn Heb “their memory.” The plural pronominal suffix probably refers back to the children mentioned in v. 13, and for clarity this has been specified in the translation.

8 tn Heb “may it be for him like a garment one puts on.”

9 tn The Hebrew noun מֵזַח (mezakh, “belt; waistband”) occurs only here in the OT. The form apparently occurs in Isa 23:10 as well, but an emendation is necessary there.

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