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Philemon 1:10

1:10 I am appealing 1  to you concerning my child, whose spiritual father I have become 2  during my imprisonment, 3  that is, Onesimus,

Philemon 1:19

1:19 I, Paul, have written 4  this letter 5  with my own hand: 6  I will repay it. I could also mention that you owe 7  me your very self.

1 tn Or “I am encouraging…”

2 tn Grk “my child whom I have begotten.” The adjective “spiritual” has been supplied before “father” in the translation to clarify for the modern reader that Paul did not literally father a child during his imprisonment. Paul’s point is that he was instrumental in Onesimus’ conversion while in prison.

3 sn During my imprisonment. Apparently Onesimus became a believer under Paul’s shepherding while he [Paul] was a prisoner in Rome.

4 tn Grk “I wrote” Here ἔγραψα (egraya) is functioning as an epistolary aorist. Paul puts it in the past tense because from Philemon’s perspective when he reads the letter it will, of course, already have been written.

5 tn The phrase “this letter” does not appear in the Greek text, but is supplied in the English translation to clarify the meaning.

6 sn With my own hand. Paul may have considered this letter so delicate that he wrote the letter himself as opposed to using an amanuensis or secretary.

7 sn The statement you owe me your very self means that Paul was responsible for some sort of blessing in the life of Philemon; though a monetary idea may be in mind, it is perhaps better to understand Paul as referring to the spiritual truth (i.e., the gospel) he had taught Philemon.

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