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Nehemiah 8:14-18

8:14 They discovered written in the law that the LORD had commanded through 1  Moses that the Israelites should live in temporary shelters during the festival of the seventh month, 8:15 and that they should make a proclamation and disseminate this message 2  in all their cities and in Jerusalem: 3  “Go to the hill country and bring back olive branches and branches of wild olive trees, myrtle trees, date palms, and other leafy trees to construct temporary shelters, as it is written.”

8:16 So the people went out and brought these things 4  back and constructed temporary shelters for themselves, each on his roof and in his courtyard and in the courtyards of the temple 5  of God and in the plaza of the Water Gate and the plaza of the Ephraim Gate. 8:17 So all the assembly which had returned from the exile constructed temporary shelters and lived in them. The Israelites had not done so from the days of Joshua son of Nun until that day. Everyone experienced very great joy. 6  8:18 Ezra 7  read in the book of the law of God day by day, from the first day to the last. 8  They observed the festival for seven days, and on the eighth day they held an assembly 9  as was required. 10 

1 tn Heb “by the hand of.”

2 tn Heb “a voice.”

3 map For location see Map5 B1; Map6 F3; Map7 E2; Map8 F2; Map10 B3; JP1 F4; JP2 F4; JP3 F4; JP4 F4.

4 tn The words “these things” are not in the Hebrew text but have been supplied in the translation for clarity.

5 tn Heb “the house.”

6 tn Heb “And there was very great joy.”

7 tn Heb “He”; the referent (Ezra) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

8 tn Heb “the last day.”

9 tn Heb “on the eighth day an assembly.” The words “they held” have been supplied in the translation for clarity.

10 tn Heb “according to the judgment.”

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