Micah 7:1-2

Micah Laments Judah’s Sin

7:1 I am depressed!

Indeed, it is as if the summer fruit has been gathered,

and the grapes have been harvested.

There is no grape cluster to eat,

no fresh figs that I crave so much.

7:2 Faithful men have disappeared from the land;

there are no godly men left.

They all wait in ambush so they can shed blood;

they hunt their own brother with a net.

tn Heb “woe to me!” In light of the image that follows, perhaps one could translate, “I am disappointed.”

tn Or “for.”

tn Heb “I am like the gathering of the summer fruit, like the gleanings of the harvest.” Micah is not comparing himself to the harvested fruit. There is an ellipsis here, as the second half of the verse makes clear. The idea is, “I am like [one at the time] the summer fruit is gathered and the grapes are harvested.”

tn Heb “my appetite craves.”

tn Or “have perished”; “have been destroyed.”

tn Heb “and an upright one among men there is not.”

tn Heb “for bloodshed” (so NASB); TEV “for a chance to commit murder.”

sn Micah compares these ungodly people to hunters trying to capture their prey with a net.