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Joshua 13:24-33


13:24 Moses assigned land to the tribe of Gad 1  by its clans. 13:25 Their territory included Jazer, all the cities of Gilead, and half of Ammonite territory 2  as far as Aroer near 3  Rabbah. 13:26 Their territory ran 4  from Heshbon to Ramath Mizpah and Betonim, and from Mahanaim to the territory of Debir. 13:27 It included the valley of Beth Haram, 5  Beth Nimrah, Succoth, and Zaphon, and the rest of the realm of King Sihon of Heshbon, the area east of the Jordan to the end of the Sea of Kinnereth. 6  13:28 The land allotted to the tribe of Gad by its clans included these cities and their towns. 7 

13:29 Moses assigned land to the half-tribe of Manasseh 8  by its clans. 13:30 Their territory started at 9  Mahanaim and encompassed all Bashan, the whole realm of King Og of Bashan, including all sixty cities in Havvoth Jair 10  in Bashan. 13:31 Half of Gilead, Ashtaroth, and Edrei, cities in the kingdom of Og in Bashan, were assigned to the descendants of Makir son of Manasseh, to half the descendants of Makir by their clans.

13:32 These are the land assignments made by Moses 11  on the plains of Moab east of the Jordan River opposite Jericho. 12  13:33 However, Moses did not assign land as an inheritance 13  to the Levites; their inheritance 14  is the Lord God of Israel, as he instructed 15  them.

1 tn Heb “assigned to the tribe of Gad, to the sons of Gad.”

2 tn Heb “and half of the land of the sons of Ammon.”

3 tn Heb “in front of.”

4 tn The words “Their territory ran” are not in the Hebrew text, but have been supplied for clarification.

5 tn Or “it included in the valley, Beth Haram.”

6 sn The Sea of Kinnereth is another name for the Sea of Galilee. See the note on the word “Kinnereth” in 11:2.

7 tn Heb “This is the inheritance of the sons of Gad by their clans, the cities and their towns.”

8 tn Heb “assigned to the half-tribe of Manasseh, and it belonged to the half-tribe of Manasseh.”

9 tn The words “their territory started at” are not in the Hebrew text, but have been supplied for clarification.

10 sn The Hebrew name Havvoth Jair means “the tent villages of Jair.”

11 tn Heb “These are [the lands] which Moses gave as an inheritance.”

12 tn Heb “beyond the Jordan, east of Jericho.” The word “River” is not in the Hebrew text, but has been supplied to clarify the meaning.

map For the location of Jericho see Map5 B2; Map6 E1; Map7 E1; Map8 E3; Map10 A2; Map11 A1.

13 tn Heb “Moses did not assign an inheritance.” The word “land” has been supplied in the translation to clarify what the inheritance consisted of.

14 tn That is, “their source of food and life.”

15 tn Or “as he promised”; Heb “as he spoke to.”

sn For the background of this observation, see Deut 18:1-2.

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