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Job 22:15-16


22:15 Will you keep to the old path 1 

that evil men have walked –

22:16 men 2  who were carried off 3  before their time, 4 

when the flood 5  was poured out 6 

on their foundations? 7 

1 tn The “old path” here is the way of defiance to God. The text in these two verses is no doubt making reference to the flood in Genesis, one of the perennial examples of divine judgment.

2 tn The word “men” is not in the Hebrew text, but has been supplied to clarify the relative pronoun “who.”

3 tn The verb קָמַט (qamat) basically means “to seize; to tie together to make a bundle.” So the Pual will mean “to be bundled away; to be carried off.”

4 tn The clause has “and [it was] not the time.” It may be used adverbially here.

5 tn The word is נָהַר (nahar, “river” or “current”); it is taken here in its broadest sense of the waters on the earth that formed the current of the flood (Gen 7:6, 10).

6 tn The verb יָצַק (yatsaq) means “to pour out; to shed; to spill; to flow.” The Pual means “to be poured out” (as in Lev 21:10 and Ps 45:3).

7 tn This word is then to be taken as an adverbial accusative of place. Another way to look at this verse is what A. B. Davidson (Job, 165) proposes “whose foundation was poured away and became a flood.” This would mean that that on which they stood sank away.

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