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Job 22:12-14


22:12 “Is not God on high in heaven? 1 

And see 2  the lofty stars, 3  how high they are!

22:13 But you have said, ‘What does God know?

Does he judge through such deep darkness? 4 

22:14 Thick clouds are a veil for him, so he does not see us, 5 

as he goes back and forth

in the vault 6  of heaven.’ 7 

1 tn This reading preserves the text as it is. The nouns “high” and “heavens” would then be taken as adverbial accusatives of place (see GKC 373-74 §118.g).

2 tn The parallel passage in Isa 40:26-27, as well as the context here, shows that the imperative is to be retained here. The LXX has “he sees.”

3 tn Heb “head of the stars.”

4 sn Eliphaz is giving to Job the thoughts and words of the pagans, for they say, “How does God know, and is there knowledge in the Most High?” (see Ps 73:11; 94:11).

5 tn Heb “and he does not see.” The implied object is “us.”

6 sn The word is “circle; dome”; here it is the dome that covers the earth, beyond which God sits enthroned. A. B. Davidson (Job, 165) suggests “on the arch of heaven” that covers the earth.

7 sn The idea suggested here is that God is not only far off, but he is unconcerned as he strolls around heaven – this is what Eliphaz says Job means.

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