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Job 17:8-9


17:8 Upright men are appalled 1  at this;

the innocent man is troubled 2  with the godless.

17:9 But the righteous man holds to his way,

and the one with clean hands grows stronger. 3 

1 tn This verb שָׁמַם (shamam, “appalled”) is the one found in Isa 52:14, translated there “astonished.”

2 tn The verb means “to rouse oneself to excitement.” It naturally means “to be agitated; to be stirred up.”

3 tn The last two words are the imperfect verb יֹסִיף (yosif) which means “he adds,” and the abstract noun “energy, strength.” This noun is not found elsewhere; its Piel verb occurs in Job 4:4 and 16:5. “he increases strength.”

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