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Isaiah 62:4


62:4 You will no longer be called, “Abandoned,”

and your land will no longer be called “Desolate.”

Indeed, 1  you will be called “My Delight is in Her,” 2 

and your land “Married.” 3 

For the Lord will take delight in you,

and your land will be married to him. 4 

Isaiah 62:12


62:12 They will be called, “The Holy People,

the Ones Protected 5  by the Lord.”

You will be called, “Sought After,

City Not Abandoned.”

1 tn Or “for”; KJV, NAB, NASB, NIV, NRSV “but.”

2 tn Hebrew חֶפְצִי־בָהּ (kheftsi-vah), traditionally transliterated “Hephzibah” (so KJV, ASV, NIV).

3 tn Hebrew בְּעוּלָה (bÿulah), traditionally transliterated “Beulah” (so KJV, ASV, NIV).

4 tn That is, the land will be restored to the Lord’s favor and once again enjoy his blessing and protection. To indicate the land’s relationship to the Lord, the words “to him” have been supplied at the end of the clause.

5 tn Or “the redeemed of the Lord” (KJV, NAB).

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