Isaiah 3:8-11

3:8 Jerusalem certainly stumbles,

Judah falls,

for their words and their actions offend the Lord;

they rebel against his royal authority.

3:9 The look on their faces testifies to their guilt;

like the people of Sodom they openly boast of their sin.

Too bad for them!

For they bring disaster on themselves.

3:10 Tell the innocent it will go well with them,

for they will be rewarded for what they have done.

3:11 Too bad for the wicked sinners!

For they will get exactly what they deserve. 10 

tn Heb “for their tongue and their deeds [are] to the Lord.”

tn Heb “to rebel [against] the eyes of his majesty.” The word כָּבוֹד (kavod) frequently refers to the Lord’s royal splendor that is an outward manifestation of his authority as king.

sn This refers to their proud, arrogant demeanor.

tn Heb “answers against them”; NRSV “bears witness against them.”

tn Heb “their sin, like Sodom, they declare, they do not conceal [it].”

tn Heb “woe to their soul.”

tn Or “the righteous” (KJV, NASB, NIV, TEV); NLT “those who are godly.”

tn Heb “that it is good.”

tn Heb “for the fruit of their deeds they will eat.”

10 tn Heb “for the work of his hands will be done to him.”