Isaiah 31:1-3

Egypt Will Disappoint

31:1 Those who go down to Egypt for help are as good as dead,

those who rely on war horses,

and trust in Egypt’s many chariots

and in their many, many horsemen.

But they do not rely on the Holy One of Israel

and do not seek help from the Lord.

31:2 Yet he too is wise and he will bring disaster;

he does not retract his decree.

He will attack the wicked nation,

and the nation that helps those who commit sin.

31:3 The Egyptians are mere humans, not God;

their horses are made of flesh, not spirit.

The Lord will strike with 10  his hand;

the one who helps will stumble

and the one being helped will fall.

Together they will perish. 11 

tn Heb “Woe [to] those who go down to Egypt for help.”

tn Heb “and trust in chariots for they are many.”

tn Heb “and in horsemen for they are very strong [or “numerous”].”

sn See the note on the phrase “the Holy One of Israel” in 1:4.

sn This statement appears to have a sarcastic tone. The royal advisers who are advocating an alliance with Egypt think they are wise, but the Lord possesses wisdom as well and will thwart their efforts.

tn Heb “and he does not turn aside [i.e., “retract”] his words”; NIV “does not take back his words.”

tn Heb “and he will arise against the house of the wicked.”

sn That is, Egypt.

tn Heb “and against the help of the doers of sin.”

10 tn Heb “will extend”; KJV, ASV, NASB, NCV “stretch out.”

11 tn Heb “together all of them will come to an end.”