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Isaiah 24:19-20


24:19 The earth is broken in pieces,

the earth is ripped to shreds,

the earth shakes violently. 1 

24:20 The earth will stagger around 2  like a drunk;

it will sway back and forth like a hut in a windstorm. 3 

Its sin will weigh it down,

and it will fall and never get up again.

1 tn Once more repetition is used to draw attention to a statement. In the Hebrew text each lines ends with אֶרֶץ (’erets, “earth”). Each line also uses a Hitpolel verb form from a geminate root preceded by an emphatic infinitive absolute.

2 tn Heb “staggering, staggers.” The Hebrew text uses the infinitive absolute before the finite verb for emphasis and sound play.

3 tn The words “in a windstorm” are supplied in the translation to clarify the metaphor.

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