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Isaiah 12:1


12:1 At that time 1  you will say:

“I praise you, O Lord,

for even though you were angry with me,

your anger subsided, and you consoled me.

Isaiah 12:4


12:4 At that time 2  you will say:

“Praise the Lord!

Ask him for help! 3 

Publicize his mighty acts among the nations!

Make it known that he is unique! 4 

1 tn Or “in that day” (KJV).

2 tn Or “in that day” (KJV).

3 tn Heb “call in his name,” i.e., “invoke his name.”

4 tn Heb “bring to remembrance that his name is exalted.” The Lord’s “name” stands here for his character and reputation.

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