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Isaiah 10:6


10:6 I sent him 1  against a godless 2  nation,

I ordered him to attack the people with whom I was angry, 3 

to take plunder and to carry away loot,

to trample them down 4  like dirt in the streets.

Isaiah 10:14


10:14 My hand discovered the wealth of the nations, as if it were in a nest,

as one gathers up abandoned eggs,

I gathered up the whole earth.

There was no wing flapping,

or open mouth chirping.” 5 

1 sn Throughout this section singular forms are used to refer to Assyria; perhaps the king of Assyria is in view (see v. 12).

2 tn Or “defiled”; cf. ASV “profane”; NAB “impious”; NCV “separated from God.”

3 tn Heb “and against the people of my anger I ordered him.”

4 tn Heb “to make it [i.e., the people] a trampled place.”

5 sn The Assyrians’ conquests were relatively unopposed, like robbing a bird’s nest of its eggs when the mother bird is absent.

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