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Ezekiel 36:3-4

36:3 So prophesy and say: ‘This is what the sovereign Lord says: Surely because they have made you desolate and crushed you from all directions, so that you have become the property of the rest of the nations, and have become the subject of gossip 1  and slander among the people, 36:4 therefore, O mountains of Israel, hear the word of the sovereign Lord: This is what the sovereign Lord says to the mountains and hills, the ravines and valleys, and to the desolate ruins and the abandoned cities that have become prey and an object of derision to the rest of the nations round about –

Ezekiel 36:7

36:7 So this is what the sovereign Lord says: I vow 2  that the nations around you will endure insults as well.

Ezekiel 36:9

36:9 For indeed, I am on your side; 3  I will turn to you, and you will be plowed and planted.

Ezekiel 36:14-15

36:14 therefore you will no longer devour people and no longer bereave your nation of children, declares the sovereign Lord. 36:15 I will no longer subject you to 4  the nations’ insults; no longer will you bear the shame of the peoples, and no longer will you bereave 5  your nation, declares the sovereign Lord.’”

1 tn Heb “lip of the tongue.”

2 tn Heb “I lifted up my hand.”

3 tn Heb “I (am) toward you.”

4 tn Heb “cause you to hear.”

5 tc The MT reads תַכְשִׁלִי (takhshiliy), a metathesis for תַשְׁכִלִי (tashkhiliy) from the root שָׁכַל (shakhal) which is used in each of the previous verses.

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