Ezekiel 20:11

20:11 I gave them my statutes and revealed my regulations to them. The one who carries them out will live by them!

Ezekiel 20:21

20:21 “‘But the children rebelled against me, did not follow my statutes, did not observe my regulations by carrying them out (the one who obeys them will live by them), and desecrated my Sabbaths. I decided to pour out my rage on them and fully vent my anger against them in the wilderness.

sn The laws were given at Mount Sinai.

tn Heb “the man.”

tn Heb “does.”

tn The wording and the concept is contained in Lev 18:5 and Deut 30:15-19.

tn Heb “sons.”

tn Or “carries them out.”

tn Heb “and I said/thought to pour out.”