Exodus 37:7-9

37:7 He made two cherubim of gold; he made them of hammered metal on the two ends of the atonement lid, 37:8 one cherub on one end and one cherub on the other end. He made the cherubim from the atonement lid on its two ends. 37:9 The cherubim were spreading their wings upward, overshadowing the atonement lid with their wings. The cherubim faced each other, looking toward the atonement lid.

tn Heb “from/at [the] end, from this.”

tn The repetition of the expression indicates it has the distributive sense.

tn The construction is a participle in construct followed by the genitive “wings” – “spreaders of wings.”

tn “The cherubim” has been placed here instead of in the second clause to produce a smoother translation.

tn Heb “and their faces a man to his brother.”

tn Heb “to the atonement lid were the faces of the cherubim.”