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Exodus 26:7


26:7 “You are to make curtains of goats’ hair 1  for a tent over the tabernacle; 2  you are to make 3  eleven curtains.

Exodus 27:9

The Courtyard

27:9 “You are to make the courtyard 4  of the tabernacle. For the south side 5  there are to be hangings 6  for the courtyard of fine twisted linen, one hundred fifty feet long for one side, 7 

Exodus 27:18

27:18 The length of the courtyard is to be one hundred fifty feet 8  and the width seventy-five feet, 9  and the height of the fine twisted linen hangings 10  is to be 11  seven and a half feet, with their bronze bases.

1 sn This chapter will show that there were two sets of curtains and two sets of coverings that went over the wood building to make the tabernacle or dwelling place. The curtains of fine linen described above could be seen only by the priests from inside. Above that was the curtain of goats’ hair. Then over that were the coverings, an inner covering of rams’ skins dyed red and an outer covering of hides of fine leather. The movement is from the inside to the outside because it is God’s dwelling place; the approach of the worshiper would be the opposite. The pure linen represented the righteousness of God, guarded by the embroidered cherubim; the curtain of goats’ hair was a reminder of sin through the daily sin offering of a goat; the covering of rams’ skins dyed red was a reminder of the sacrifice and the priestly ministry set apart by blood, and the outer covering marked the separation between God and the world. These are the interpretations set forth by Kaiser; others vary, but not greatly (see W. C. Kaiser, Jr., “Exodus,” EBC 2:459).

2 sn This curtain will serve “for a tent over the tabernacle,” as a dwelling place.

3 tn Heb “you will make them”

4 tn Or “enclosure” (TEV).

5 tn Heb “south side southward.”

6 tn Or “curtains.”

7 sn The entire courtyard of 150 feet by 75 feet was to be enclosed by a curtain wall held up with posts in bases. All these hangings were kept in place by a cord and tent pegs.

8 tn Heb “a hundred cubits.”

9 tn Heb “fifty.” The text has “and the width fifty [cubits] with fifty.” This means that it is fifty cubits wide on the western end and fifty cubits wide on the eastern end.

10 tn Here “hangings” has been supplied.

11 tn Here the phrase “is to be” has been supplied.

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