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Exodus 23:2


23:2 “You must not follow a crowd 1  in doing evil things; 2  in a lawsuit you must not offer testimony that agrees with a crowd so as to pervert justice, 3 

Exodus 23:8-9


23:8 “You must not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds those who see 4  and subverts the words of the righteous.

23:9 “You must not oppress 5  a foreigner, since you know the life 6  of a foreigner, for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt.

1 tn The word רָבִּים (rabbim), here rendered “crowd,” is also used infrequently to refer to the “mighty,” people of importance in society (Job 35:9; cf. Lev 19:15).

2 tn For any individual to join a group that is bent on acting wickedly would be a violation of the Law and would incur personal responsibility.

3 tn Heb “you will not answer in a lawsuit to turn after the crowd to turn.” The form translated “agrees with” (Heb “to turn after”) is a Qal infinitive construct from נָטָה (natah); the same root is used at the end of the verse but as a Hiphil infinitive construct, “to pervert [justice].”

4 tn Heb “blinds the open-eyed.”

5 tn The verb means “to crush.” S. R. Driver notes that in this context this would probably mean with an unfair judgment in the courts (Exodus, 239).

6 tn Heb “soul, life” – “you know what it feels like.”

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