Deuteronomy 5:27-29

5:27 You go near so that you can hear everything the Lord our God is saying and then you can tell us whatever he says to you; then we will pay attention and do it.” 5:28 When the Lord heard you speaking to me, he said to me, “I have heard what these people have said to you – they have spoken well. 5:29 If only it would really be their desire to fear me and obey all my commandments in the future, so that it may go well with them and their descendants forever.

tn Heb “the Lord our God.” See note on “He” in 5:3.

tn Heb “the Lord.” See note on “He” in 5:3.

tn Heb “keep” (so KJV, NAB, NIV, NRSV).