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Deuteronomy 16:9-10

The Festival of Weeks

16:9 You must count seven weeks; you must begin to count them 1  from the time you begin to harvest the standing grain. 16:10 Then you are to celebrate the Festival of Weeks 2  before the Lord your God with the voluntary offering 3  that you will bring, in proportion to how he 4  has blessed you.

1 tn Heb “the seven weeks.” The translation uses a pronoun to avoid redundancy in English.

2 tn The Hebrew phrase חַג שָׁבֻעוֹת (khag shavuot) is otherwise known in the OT (Exod 23:16) as קָצִיר (qatsir, “harvest”) and in the NT as πεντηχοστή (penthcosth, “Pentecost”).

3 tn Heb “the sufficiency of the offering of your hand.”

4 tn Heb “the Lord your God.” See note on “he” in 16:1.

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