Deuteronomy 11:28

11:28 and the curse if you pay no attention to his commandments and turn from the way I am setting before you today to pursue other gods you have not known.

Deuteronomy 28:14

28:14 But you must not turn away from all the commandments I am giving you today, to either the right or left, nor pursue other gods and worship them.

tn Heb “do not listen to,” that is, do not obey.

tn Heb “the commandments of the Lord your God.” The pronoun has been used in the translation for stylistic reasons to avoid redundancy.

tn Heb “am commanding” (so NASB, NRSV).

tn Heb “walk after”; NIV “by following”; NLT “by worshiping.” This is a violation of the first commandment, the most serious of the covenant violations (Deut 5:6-7).

tn Heb “from all the words which I am commanding.”

tn Heb “in order to serve.”