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Daniel 7:11


7:11 “Then I kept on watching because of the arrogant words of the horn that was speaking. I was watching 1  until the beast was killed and its body destroyed and thrown into 2  the flaming fire.

Daniel 7:20

7:20 I also wanted to know 3  the meaning of the ten horns on its head, and of that other horn which came up and before which three others fell. This was the horn that had eyes 4  and a mouth speaking arrogant things, whose appearance was more formidable than the others. 5 

1 tc The LXX and Theodotion lack the words “I was watching” here. It is possible that these words in the MT are a dittography from the first part of the verse.

2 tn Aram “and given over to” (so NRSV).

3 tn The words “I also wanted to know” are added in the translation for stylistic reasons.

4 tc The conjunction in the MT before “eyes” is odd. The ancient versions do not seem to presuppose it.

5 tn Aram “greater than its companions.”

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