2 Samuel 21:21--22:1

21:21 When he taunted Israel, Jonathan, the son of David’s brother Shimeah, killed him. 21:22 These four were the descendants of Rapha who lived in Gath; they were killed by David and his soldiers.

David Sings to the Lord

22:1 David sang to the Lord the words of this song when the Lord rescued him from the power of all his enemies, including Saul.

tn Heb “they fell.”

tn Heb “his servants.”

sn In this long song of thanks, David affirms that God is his faithful protector. He recalls in highly poetic fashion how God intervened in awesome power and delivered him from death. His experience demonstrates that God vindicates those who are blameless and remain loyal to him. True to his promises, God gives the king victory on the battlefield and enables him to subdue nations. A parallel version of the song appears in Ps 18.

tn Heb “spoke.”

tn Heb “in the day,” or “at the time.”

tn Heb “hand.”

tn Heb “and from the hand of Saul.”