2 Chronicles 6:32-33

6:32 “Foreigners, who do not belong to your people Israel, will come from a distant land because of your great reputation and your ability to accomplish mighty deeds; they will come and direct their prayers toward this temple. 6:33 Then listen from your heavenly dwelling place and answer all the prayers of the foreigners. Then all the nations of the earth will acknowledge your reputation, obey you like your people Israel do, and recognize that this temple I built belongs to you.

tn Heb “your great name.” The word “name” sometimes refers to one’s reputation or honor (thus the translation here, “your great reputation).

tn Heb “and your strong hand and your outstretched arm.”

tn Heb “and do all which the foreigner calls to [i.e., “requests of”] you.”

tn Heb “name.” See the note on “reputation” in v. 32.

tn Heb “fear.”

tn Heb “that your name is called over this house which I built.” The Hebrew idiom “call the name over” indicates ownership. See 2 Sam 12:28.