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1 Chronicles 7:12


7:12 The Shuppites and Huppites were descendants of Ir; the Hushites were descendants of Aher. 1 

1 Chronicles 7:15

7:15 Now Makir married a wife from the Huppites and Shuppites. 2  (His sister’s name was Maacah.)

Zelophehad was Manasseh’s second son; 3  he had only daughters.

1 tn The name “Aher” appears as “Ahiram” in Num 26:38.

2 tn Some translations treat the terms שֻׁפִּים (shuppim) and חֻפִּים (khuppim) as proper names of individuals (“Huppim” and “Shuppim”), but others consider these forms to be plurals and refer to tribal or clan names.

3 tn Heb “and the name of the second was Zelophehad.”

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