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Map OT6

The Assyrian and Babylonian Empires

XY Place Name NET G
C2 Aleppo 4
E3 Babylon 256
C2 Carchemish 3
C3 Damascus 56
E3 Eshnunna 0
B4 Ezion Geber 5
B4 Gaza 20
D2 Haran 19
C4 Jerusalem 784
B4 Memphis 8
D2 Nineveh 23
E4 Nippur
C2 Qarqar 0
C4 Rabbah 12
C3 Sidon 34
E4 Susa 20
B5 Thebes 5
C3 Tyre 54
E4 Ur 5
C4 Philadelphia 2
C4 Salem 4
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